Complete the List: Season 3, Episode 1
Where Did Jase Get All These Points?

Monday, October 28, 2019

Contestants: IndieInsomniac, JohnMichaelNL, JasePow
After a hiatus (between audio releases) of 270 days, seven hours, and fifty-two minutes, Complete the List returns for a third season.

This is the first of three games recorded during Andy's six-hour turn as part of Gamers vs. MS, a 168-hour marathon streaming relay that raised CA$17,500 for the MS Society of Canada between October 19 and 26, 2019. In Andy's words: "multiple sclerosis is a lifelong autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It can affect everyone differently, but its main symptoms include extreme fatigue, lack of coordination, weakness tingling, vision problems, and much more. It often strikes between 15 and 40, the prime life-building years of many. Canada has some of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis worldwide, with an estimated 1 in 385 Canadians living with the disease. The funds raised during this relay go towards programs and services for those affected by MS, and research geared towards ending MS."

As the players in this game are all Twitch streamers, Andy used their Twitch handles instead of their real names, as that comprises a major part of their branding; the archive will follow suit. The players' names above link to their Twitch profiles. Andy also has his own Twitch streaming channel.


Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Indie - TriHard

I think everyone, on every side of the political spectrum, can agree that there is no bigger TriHard than a politician. In light of that, give the preferred forename used by a Prime Minister of Canada during their time in office.
IndieJohnJaseNot given
TrudeauStephenJeanAlexander; Charles; Louis; Mackenzie; Richard; Robert; Wilfrid; William
ROUND 1688

John - LUL

Name a character, or the actor or actress who portrayed them, who appeared in at least ten episodes of the Emmy Award-nominated television series Schitt's Creek.
JohnJaseIndieNot given
Catherine O'Hara
[Moira Rose]
Eugene Levy
[Johnny Rose]
Eugene Levy
[Johnny Rose]
Stevie Budd/Emily Hampshire; Ted Mullens/Dustin Milligan; Ronnie Lee/Karen Robinson; Bob Currie/John Hemphill; Mutt Schitt/Tim Rozon; Gwen Currie/Marilyn Bellfontaine; Jazzagal No. 1/Mary Kelly; Ray Butani/Rizwan Manji; Grace/Lili Connor; Jazzagal No. 3/Jennifer Foster; Jazzagal No. 2/Ma-Anne Dionosio or Christina Song
Dan Levy
[David Rose]
Annie Murphy
[Alexis Rose]
Annie Murphy
[Alexis Rose]
Sarah Levy
[Twyla Sands]
Roland Schitt
[Chris Elliott]
Roland Schitt
[Chris Elliott]
Patrick (Brewer)
[Noah Reid]
Jenn Robertson
[Jocelyn Schitt]
Jenn Robertson
[Jocelyn Schitt]
ROUND 28164

Jase - SwiftRage

Taylor Swift had a recent beef with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. In light of this, name any song of Justin Bieber's that charted inside the top ten of the Canadian Hot 100. Lead and featured artist credits count.
JaseIndieJohnNot given
What Do You Mean?BabyBaby#thatPower; 10,000 Hours; 2U; All Around the World; As Long as You Love Me; Cold Water; Friends; I'll Show You; Let Me Love You; Live My Life; Love Yourself; Mistletoe; No Brainer; One Less Lonely Girl; Somebody to Love; Wavin' Flag; We Are the World 25 for Haiti
DespacitoBeauty and a BeatDespacito
I'm the OneOne TimeI'm the One
ROUND 3864

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearIndieJohnJase
was Allan Hawco, star of Republic of Doyle, born?1977197919771977
did CJON, better known as NTV (Newfoundland Television) begin broadcasting?1955195019681980
did musical trio Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers release their first album?1986198119851986
did Brad Gushue's curling team win its first World Curling Championship?2017200120042007
was Annie Proulx's Pulitzer-winning book The Shipping News first published?1994200019991993
was Canada's Constitution amended to add "and Labrador" to the name of the province?2001196420061950
did construction start on the large hydro-electric power station at Churchill Falls?1967200619671969
did Joey Smallwood become the first Premier of Newfoundland?1949195019491948

Indie - PogChamp

Name a movie released in 2019 that has grossed at least $100 million in North America as of October 16, 2019.
IndieJohnJaseNot given
Avengers: EndgameCaptain MarvelThe Lion KingUs; John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum; How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; The Secret Life of Pets 2; Shazam!; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Dumbo; Glass; The Upside; The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
It Chapter TwoAladdinToy Story 4
Spider-Man: Far From HomeRocketmanPokémon Detective Pikachu
Godzilla: King of the MonstersJokerHobbs & Shaw
ROUND 48128

John - DansGame

Name a Twitch category with at least 9,000,000 viewer-hours on Twitch between September 17 and October 16, 2019, per A category is generally, but not necessarily, a game.
JohnJaseIndieNot given
FortniteLeague of LegendsGrand Theft Auto VFIFA 20; Apex Legends; Teamfight Tactics; Slots; Dead by Daylight
HearthstoneDota 2World of Warcraft
Destiny 2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (C-S GO)Minecraft
ROUND 58816

Jase - Kappa

Name a letter of the greek alphabet that follows Κ (kappa).
JaseIndieJohnNot given
Σ (sigma)Ω (omega)Β (beta)Λ (lambda); Ν (nu); Ξ (xi); Ο (omicron); Ρ (rho); Φ (phi); Χ (chi)
Π (pi)Μ (mu)Μ (mu)
Ψ (psi)Υ (upsilon)^Ψ (psi)
Τ (tau)Θ (theta)Θ (theta)
ROUND 6862
^ Indie was prompted for a spelling of his response on the third pass, to which he replied "ypsilon"; though an incorrect spelling, Andy ruled it sufficiently distinct from another Greek letter to credit the response as correct.

Category: Populations
According to the most recent Statistics Canada population estimate — that is, quarter three of 2019 — what's the population of Newfoundland and Labrador?
Answer and boundsJohnIndieJase
FINAL SCORE61½56½63½
Winner: JasePow

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