Complete the List: Season 2, Episode 2
And the Losers Will Be Eating Humble Pie

Monday, November 26, 2018

Contestants: Rob Worman, Mike Cameron, Josh Woo
Before QatarWar Horses
Lucky ThirteenFifteen Mmm Mmm Minutes
La Isla PobladaWhy Didn't I Look at This Submission Before Playing Jackie's Game at O'Brien's a Few Weeks Back?
Coming to AgreementNot the Droids You're Looking For

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Rob - Fifteen Mmm Mmm Minutes
Listener-submitted by Doug Boyle.

In 1962, Andy Warhol presented at MoMA thirty-two painted canvasses, known collectively as Campbell's Soup Cans, depicting thirty-two varieties of soup. Removing non-specific terms like "vegetables," "broth," or "chili," as well as adjectives like "old fashioned," "Italian style" and prepositions like "of" or "with," there are eighteen specific and distinct ingredients named on the soup cans in Warhol's paintings indicating the variety of soup. Ten appear only once; one as many as seven different times. Name these specific food items.
RobMikeJoshNot given
waterclam chowderchickenbean; rice; turkey; asparagus; bacon; barley; celery; cheddar cheese; ham; pepper
cream of mushroom
[cream, mushroom]
potatosplit peabasil
ROUND 1286

Mike - Why Didn't I Look at This Submission Before Playing Jackie's Game at O'Brien's a Few Weeks Back?
Listener-submitted by Adam Holquist.

While in Los Angeles, Andy partook in an O'Brien's Pub Quiz game written and hosted by Jackie Fox - the second round of which was focused on the television series Twin Peaks.
Name a character, or the actor or actress who portrayed them, who appeared in twenty-five or more episodes of the television series Twin Peaks, including both the original series and the 2017 revival. In case of an actor playing multiple characters or a character with multiple identities, appearances are combined.
MikeJoshRobNot given
Dale Cooper
[Mr. C, Dougie Jones/Kyle MacLachlan]
Dale Cooper
[Mr. C, Dougie Jones/Kyle MacLachlan]
Sherilyn Fenn
[Audrey Horne]
Tommy "Hawk" Hill/Michael Horse; Ben Horne/Richard Beymer; Lucy Brennan/Kimmy Robertson; Andy Brennan/Andy Goaz; Bobby Briggs/Dana Ashbrook; Norma Jennings/Peggy Lipton; James Hurley/James Marshall; Dr. Will Hayward/Warren Frost; Nadine Hurley/Wendy Robie; Laura Palmer, Maggie Ferguson, Carrie Page/Sheryl Lee; Pete Martell/Jack Nance; Leo Johnson/Eric Da Re
Leland Palmer
[Ray Wise]
Leland Palmer
[Ray Wise]
Piper Laurie
[Catherine Martell]
Sheriff Harry S. Truman
[Michael Ontkean]
Sheriff Harry S. Truman
[Michael Ontkean]
Mädchen Amick
[Shelly Johnson]
Lara Flynn Boyle
[Donna Hayward]
Lara Flynn Boyle
[Donna Hayward]
The Log Lady (Margaret Lanterman)
[Catherine E. Coulson]
ROUND 212312

Josh - La Isla Poblada
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

There are twenty-two islands with a population greater than five million people. Name a UN member state whose territory includes, in whole or in part, any of these twenty-two islands.
JoshRobMikeNot given
JapanIndonesiaPhilippinesChina; Brunei; Dominican Republic; Haiti; India; Ireland; Singapore; Italy
United KingdomUnited StatesPapua New Guinea
MalaysiaSri LankaCuba
ROUND 3668

Listener-submitted by Adam Holquist.
0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearRobMikeJosh
was the film Spartacus first released?1960196119601955
did the first episode of the television series Saved by the Bell first air?1989198919901988
did Hank Williams Sr. release his debut single?1947195519451943
did Lake Placid, New York first host the Winter Olympics?1932193219321961
was Kathryn Stockett's novel The Help first published?2009201020102005
did the United Kingdom return control of Hong Kong to China?1997199420001997
was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau born?1971197019701971
did Morocco and Tunisia gain their independence from France?1956194919551904

Rob - Not the Droids You're Looking For
Listener-submitted by Adam Holquist.

Name a feature film, not part of either the Star Wars or Indiana Jones franchises, directed or produced by George Lucas. This does not include TV movies or direct-to-video releases, and executive producer credits count.
RobMikeJoshNot given
American GraffitiHoward the DuckAmerican GraffitiKagemusha; Body Heat; Twice Upon a Time; Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters; Latino; Powaqqatsi; Tucker: The Man and His Dream; The Land Before Time; Red Tails; Strange Magic
WillowTHX 1138THX 1138
LabyrinthMore American GraffitiMore American Graffiti
LegendRadioland MurdersRadioland Murders
ROUND 4684

Mike - Coming to Agreement
Listener-submitted by Luke Daniels.

Name a country that the United States currently has a free trade agreement with, according to the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration.
MikeJoshRobNot given
CanadaMexicoUnited KingdomBahrain; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; El Salvador; Honduras; Nicaragua; Israel; Jordan; Morocco; Oman; Peru; Singapore
AustraliaSouth KoreaBrazil
ROUND 5840

Josh - Lucky Thirteen
Listener-submitted by Doug Boyle.

The Preamble to the United States Constitution contains thirteen nouns - two of which are proper names, and eleven of which are common nouns (though most of these common nouns are capitalized). Name the nouns the make up the basic ideas behind the U.S. Constitution, from the Preamble.
JoshRobMikeNot given
PeopleUnionJusticeUnited States (as distinct from "United States of America"); Order; Blessings; Constitution
(United States of) AmericalandPosterity
ROUND 61628

Category: Math History
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.
In 1995, mathematician Sir Andrew Wiles published the first conclusive proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. How many years elapsed between Pierre de Fermat formulating the theorem and the publication of Wiles's proof?
Answer and boundsRobJoshMike
Winner: Mike Cameron

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