Complete the List, Episode 26
This Is Too Hard!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Contestants: Ben Ingram, Dan Felsenheld, Dren Rollins
A Simple GameThe Last One Died in Office
In My LifetimeNeither Edward Nor a Jet
Do Not Call Me at 7:30A Night at the Museum
July and AugustStirred, Not Shaken

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Ben - The Last One Died in Office

Name any of the first twelve Presidents of the United States of America.
BenDanDrenNot given
(George) WashingtonJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonZachary Taylor
(James) MadisonJames MonroeJ. Q. (John Quincy) Adams
Andrew JacksonJohn TylerMartin Van Buren
William (Henry) HarrisonFranklin Pierce(James K.) Polk
ROUND 11668

Dan - A Simple Game

The quote: "Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for ninety minutes, and at the end, the Germans always win." That's one's from Gary Lineker. Fortunately for the rest of the world, Gary Lineker isn't always right. Name countries that have defeated Germany or West Germany at the men's FIFA World Cup. (USSR = Russia, Czechosolovakia = Czech Republic, Yugoslavia = Serbia)
DanDrenBenNot given
FranceBrazilSpainAlgeria; Austria; Bulgaria; Croatia; Denmark; Hungary; Switzerland; Yugoslavia/Serbia
Czech RepublicEast GermanyChina
ROUND 2684

Dren - In My Lifetime

Name a show that has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in (Andy's) lifetime, that is, the Emmy Awards presented in 1983 or later.
DrenBenDanNot given
Modern FamilyFrasierCheers30 Rock; The Office; Everybody Loves Raymond; Arrested Development; Sex and the City; Ally McBeal; Murphy Brown; The Golden Girls
Will & GraceSeinfeldVeep
The Cosby ShowNewhartMad About You
The Wonder YearsFriendsCurb Your Enthusiasm
ROUND 3868
TOTAL242620 (22)
(Archivist's note: Andy erroneously gave Dan's total thus far as 22, and the error propagated through the remainder of the game. The totals in parentheses are those that Dan was credited with at the end of each round.)

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearBenDanDren
was The Empire Strikes Back first released?1980198019831980
did the first episode of the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus first air in the United Kingdom?1969196919681969
was Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop" the Billboard year-end No. 1 song?2013201320102014
did the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers play in their first NFL games?1995199520041993
was Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love first published?2006198519951996
did the Sears Tower, now the Willis Tower, open in Chicago?1973197419741972
did news of the success of Jonas Salk's polio vaccine break?1955195519561954
did Harry S. Truman take office as President of the United States?1945194519441945
TOTAL3325 (27)30½

Ben - Do Not Call Me at 7:30

Name any of the fifteen American television markets of at least 700,000 households that airs Jeopardy! at 7:30 local time. These are all within the 42 most populous television markets in the United States.
BenDanDrenNot given
AtlantaWashington, D.C.New YorkPhoenix; Seattle; Tampa; Detroit; Cleveland; Indianapolis; San Diego; Cincinnati; West Palm Beach; Greenville, SC; Jacksonville
HoustonLos AngelesSan Francisco
ROUND 4440
TOTAL3729 (31)30½
The archivist, while taking note of the data underlying the comment, strenuously objects to the editorial remark offered by the host at the conclusion of the first pass through this round. (I refer you to review the recording for its content.)

Dan - A Night at the Museum

As per the Themed Entertainment Association, name any of the twenty most visited museums in the United States in 2015.
DanDrenBenNot given
Smithsonian (National) Air & Space MuseumGuggenheimNational Museum of American HistoryCalifornia Science Center; Houston Museum of Natural Science; Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Udvar-Hazy Center; Holocaust Memorial Museum; Museum of Science and Industry; California Academy of Sciences; Museum of Science (Boston); American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery; Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Metropolitan MuseumField Museum(J. Paul) Getty (Center)
Museum of Modern ArtNational Gallery of ArtAmerican Museum of Natural History
Chicago Art InstituteNational Museum of Natural HistoryIndependence Hall
ROUND 5866
TOTAL37 (39)36½43

Dren - July and August

Leo DiCaprio was the narrator of Hubble 3D, which, adjusting for inflation, grossed $57 million in North America and his 16th highest grossing film. Name any of the fifteen films that Leonardo DiCaprio had a major role in that grossed more, adjusting for inflation.
DrenBenDanNot given
TitanicGangs of New YorkThe AviatorCatch Me If You Can; The Revenant; Shutter Island; The Man in the Iron Mask; Blood Diamond; The Beach
InceptionEdward ScissorhandsThe Great Gatsby
The DepartedRomeo and JulietThe Basketball Diaries
Django UnchainedThe Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf of Wall Street
ROUND 61665
TOTAL52½4942 (44)

Category: Baseball
In 1975, Bob Watson was credited with scoring baseball's one millionth run. According to Baseball Reference, how many runs have been scored in Major League Baseball games since 1876 through to the end of the 2017 regular season?
Answer and boundsDanBenDren
FINAL SCORE33 (35)37½38½
Winner: Dren Rollins

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