Complete the List: Season 3, Episode 3
I Can't Believe More People Are Writing Kotlin Than Assembly

Monday, November 4, 2019

Contestants: Daniel Cohen, Joe Nguyen, Mike Cameron
This is the third of three games recorded during Andy's six-hour turn as part of Gamers vs. MS, a 168-hour marathon streaming relay that raised CA$17,500 for the MS Society of Canada between October 19 and 26, 2019. In Andy's words: "multiple sclerosis is a lifelong autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It can affect everyone differently, but its main symptoms include extreme fatigue, lack of coordination, weakness tingling, vision problems, and much more. It often strikes between 15 and 40, the prime life-building years of many. Canada has some of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis worldwide, with an estimated 1 in 385 Canadians living with the disease. The funds raised during this relay go towards programs and services for those affected by MS, and research geared towards ending MS."

Andy's Twitch streaming channel can be found here.

Trash Night Video, the channel plugged by Daniel on behalf of his friend.

The Curse ContinuesThe Historical Name Game
Hello, World!The Current Name Game
Some Water for These LeftoversA Score on TV
2019 Biopic SubjectsThe First Oscar Nomination Didn't Make Enough

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Daniel - The Curse Continues
Listener-submitted by Tom Minard.

From the series's inception in 1988 with John Madden Football through Madden NFL 2000, John Madden himself appeared on the cover of each annual Madden NFL video game. Name any National Football League player that has appeared on the cover of an English-language console version of a Madden NFL game since then.
DanielJoeMikeNot given
Michael VickTom BradyDrew BreesEddie George; Daunte Culpepper; Marshall Faulk; Ray Lewis; Donovan McNabb; Shaun Alexander; Vince Young; Troy Polamalu; Barry Sanders; Richard Sherman; Odell Beckham Jr.; Terrell Owens; Patrick Mahomes
Adrian PetersonAntonio BrownBrett Favre
LaDainian TomlinsonLarry FitzgeraldRob Gronkowski
Ben RoethlisbergerPeyton HillisCalvin Johnson
ROUND 141616

Joe - A Score on TV
Listener-submitted by Hunter York.

On January 31, 2019, Family Guy celebrated its twentieth anniversary of its debut episode in 1999. In those twenty years, a score - the theme song - has remained virtually unchanged. Please give any word, five letters or length or longer, that appears in the Family Guy theme song.
JoeMikeDanielNot given
familyviolencemoviesseems; today; those
ROUND 2888

Mike - The First Oscar Nomination Didn't Make Enough

Jennifer Lawrence narrated the 2016 IMAX film A Beautiful Planet, which grossed just over $15 million. Name any film in which she appeared that grossed more, as per Box Office Mojo.
MikeDanielJoeNot given
The Hunger GamesAmerican HustleThe Hunger Games: Catching FireRed Sparrow; House at the End of the Street; Mother!
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2Silver Linings Playbook
X-Men: Days of Future PastX-Men: First ClassX-Men: Apocalypse
Dark PhoenixPassengersJoy
ROUND 38168

Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.
0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearDanielJoeMike
was the film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers first released?2002200220012002
did television broadcasting begin in New Zealand?1960195819551965
did the song "Royals" by Lorde spend nine consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100?2013201320132014
did the All Blacks rugby team tour apartheid South Africa, leading to an Olympic boycott?1976197719921975
did Keri Hulme win the Booker Prize for her novel The Bone People?1985198419851985
did New Zealand celebrate the 100th anniversary of extending universal suffrage to women?1993199719651995
did Ernest Rutherford win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry?1908193619151905
was the 300th anniversary of Abel Tasman becoming the first European to reach New Zealand?1942196419751945
Archivist's note: question 3 is a repeat of question 3 from halftime of Season 2, Episode 11, written by the same author — namely, me. That halftime round was played several months after I initially submitted it; thus, I thought it would never be played, so I re-purposed the music question into this one. As the hiatus lengthened, I lost any hope of this round ever seeing the light of day…

Daniel - Hello, World!

Name any programming language used by at least 5% of professional developers, according to Stack Overflow's 2019 developer survey.
DanielJoeMikeNot given
JavaScriptPythonJavaBash/Shell/PowerShell; TypeScript; Swift; Kotlin; VBA; Objective C; Assembly
ROUND 4868

Joe - The Historical Name Game

Ignoring the current holder of the office, there are twelve preferred forenames of U.S. Presidents that are exactly six letters in length. Name them.
JoeMikeDanielNot given
ROUND 5888
This is the third episode with three clean sweeps, after Episode 5 and Episode 91.

Mike - 2019 Biopic Subjects

The 2019 biopic in question here is Rocketman — which, as we learned a couple of episodes ago, didn't quite gross $100 million. According to's setlists, name a song that has appeared at least 900 times on an Elton John setlist.
MikeDanielJoeNot given
Rocket ManDanielCrocodile RockBennie and the Jets; Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me; I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues; Philadelphia Freedom; Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting; The Bitch Is Back; Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word; Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding; Sad Songs (Say So Much); Take Me to the Pilot
Tiny DancerLevonGoodbye Yellow Brick Road
Your SongI'm Still StandingCandle in the Wind
Saturday Night's AlrightSomeone Saved My Life TonightCan You Feel the Love Tonight?
ROUND 6666
Note from Matt: as I noted in the chat, and remained in the edited version — Daniel's 55 points is, to date, the highest score entering the final round for a player in third place; narrowly overtaking Sally Neumann's 54½ at this stage in Episode 24.

Category: Sports on Television
Listener-submitted by Tristan Bauer (adapted).
Rounded to the nearest 1,000 people, how many people watched Super Bowl XLIV in 2015 — the most-watched television broadcast in U.S. history by number of viewers?
Answer and boundsDanielJoeMike
The question is stated above as Andy read it. He got the year correct — that is, the most-watched television broadcast in American history was the Super Bowl that aired on February 1, 2015 — he gave the wrong ordinal number. It was Super Bowl XLIX (49), not XLIV (44).
Winner: Mike Cameron

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