Complete the List, Episode 49
Why Did I Do This To Myself?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Contestants: Stacey McPeek, Drew Buxbaum, Wesley Wells
Oscar Might Be Old, But These People Aren'tHail Mary, Full of Grace
Frozen MoreA British Double
Not OvertimeFirst Lord of This Podcast
The Left CoastRemember the '80s?

Correct, unique: 2 points Correct, repeated: 1 point Incorrect: 0 points Player doubled the category

Stacey - Oscar Might Be Old, But These People Aren't.
Listener-submitted by Andre Cormier.

Name any of the twenty youngest actors and actresses nominated for a competitive acting Oscar - that is, in any of the four major acting categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. Number 21 on the list was Mickey Rooney for Babes In Arms at 19 years, 142 days, so anyone younger than that.
StaceyDrewWesleyNot given
Tatum O'NealHaley Joel Osment(Quvenzhané) WallisJustin Henry; Jackie Cooper; Mary Badham; Quinn Cummings; Abigail Breslin; Patty McCormack; Brandon deWilde; Saoirse Ronan; Keisha Castle-Hughes; Bonita Granville; Hailee Steinfeld; Jodie Foster; Jack Wild; Sal Mineo; River Phoenix
Marlee MatlinAnna PaquinJennifer Lawrence
Kirsten DunstKirsten DunstHilary Swank
Shirley TempleShirley TempleLeonardo DiCaprio
ROUND 1244

Drew - First Lord of This Podcast.
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

Name someone who has served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since the conclusion of World War II.
DrewWesleyStaceyNot given
David CameronTheresa MayTony BlairJames Callaghan; Alec Douglas-Home; Anthony Eden; Harold Macmillan; Edward Heath
(Margaret) Thatcher(Winston) Churchill(Gordon) Brown
(pass)(John) MajorClement Attlee
(pass)(Harold) WilsonAbbott
ROUND 24166

Wesley - Hail Mary, Full of Grace.

Name a character who has appeared in at least seventy-five episodes of Grey's Anatomy. You may name either an actor or a character.
(Archivist's note: names in [brackets] are the actors and characters corresponding to the answers given by the contestants.)
WesleyStaceyDrewNot given
(Meredith) Grey
[Ellen Pompeo]
Katherine Heigl
[Izzie Stevens]
(Patrick) Dempsey
[Derek Shepherd]
Justin Chambers/Alex Karev; Chandra Wilson/Miranda Bailey; James Pickens, Jr./Richard Webber; Sara Ramirez/Callie Torres; Kevin McKidd/Owen Hunt;Jessica Capshaw/Arizona Robbins; Sarah Drew/April Kepner; Camilla Luddington/Jo Wilson; Jerrika Hinton/Stephanie Edwards; T. R. Knight/George O'Malley; Jason George/Benjamin Warren; Caterina Scorsone/Amelia Shepherd; Kelly McCreary/Maggie Pierce
Cristina Yang
[Sandra Oh]
[Eric Dane/Mark Sloan]
Jesse Williams
[Jackson Avery]
JonesFredericksonDr. (Lexie) Grey
[Chyler Leigh]
ROUND 3446

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearStaceyDrewWesley
was the film Apollo 13 released?1995199619951995
did Elvis Presley make his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show?1956195819551957
was Carrie Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts, first released?2005200520052006
did the Baltimore Orioles most recently win a World Series?1983193519851983
was Jesse Andrews's book, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, first published?2012198620152013
did Christiaan Barnard perform the world's first successful human-to-human heart transplant?1967196719651965
did The Chicago Tribune erroneously run a headline reading "Dewey Defeats Truman"?1948194819481948
did the Apollo 13 lunar mission take place?1970197119701971

Stacey - Remember the '80s?.
Listener-submitted by Andre Cormier.

Remember the '80s? The 1880s, that is. Name any of the top fifteen, male or female combined, birth names by registration of the 1880s, as per the Social Security Administration.
StaceyDrewWesleyNot given
JohnSamuelWilliamAnna; Frank; Emma; Henry; Margaret; Minnie; Robert
(16-20: Thomas; Edward; Harry; Ida; Bertha.)
ROUND 41286

Drew - Frozen More.
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

Name a school that has won an NCAA Division I Men's ice hockey championship.
DrewWesleyStaceyNot given
MichiganNorth DakotaNorth DakotaDenver; Lake Superior State; Michigan Tech; Colorado College; Cornell; Maine; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI); Bowling Green; Minnesota-Duluth; Northern Michigan; Providence; Union College; Yale
MinnesotaBoston UniversityMinnesota
WisconsinBoston CollegeOhio
Michigan StateHarvardMIT
ROUND 5882

Wesley - The Left Coast.
Listener-submitted by Michael Simon.

Name a country on the North or South American continents that borders the Pacific Ocean.
WesleyStaceyDrewNot given
ChilePanamaCosta Rica
NicaraguaEl SalvadorColombia
ROUND 6888

Category: The Oscars
The 74th Academy Awards presentation, on March 24, 2002, was the longest awards ceremony in the history of the Oscars. How many minutes did it run for?
Answer and boundsStaceyDrewWesley
289 (4:49)
263 (4:23)
237 (3:57)
235 (3:55)245 (4:05)264 (4:24)
Winner: Wesley Wells

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