Complete the List, Episode 55
When Your Teammates Are Debating Between 44 and 45 And You Thought The Answer Was Saudi Arabia

Monday, April 23, 2018

Contestants: Wesley Wells & Kristin Attig, Mike Cameron & Scott Barber, Dan & Michaela Sweatt
He Could Throw That Speedball By YouTwenty Letters to Choose From
We've Got a Place Down South42-17 or Fight!
Vroom VroomI Want to Go There
Canada McMaple Bacon, Part III'm Kind of a Big Deal

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Wesley & Kristin - He Could Throw That Speedball By You.

Name a pitcher who received at least one vote for the 2017 American League or National League Cy Young Award by the Baseball Writers Association of America.
Wesley & KristinMike & ScottDan & MichaelaNot given
(Clayton) KershawJustin Verlander(Max) ScherzerCarlos Carrasco; Ervin Santana; Marcus Stroman; Stephen Strasburg; Kenley Jansen; Gio Gonzalez; Robbie Ray; Jacob deGrom; Jimmy Nelson; Alex Wood
(Corey) KluberChris SaleJohnny Cueto
(Jon) LesterCraig KimbrelZack Greinke
(Luis) SeverinoDavid PriceJake Arrieta
ROUND 11264

Mike & Scott - 42-17 or Fight!
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

The numbers in the title refer to ISO 4217, which defines three-letter codes for currencies. Name one of the top fifteen currencies traded in foreign exchange markets, per the most recent triennial survey by the Bank of International Settlements, taken in 2016.
Mike & ScottDan & MichaelaWesley & KristinNot given
U.S. dollareuroCanadian dollarSwedish krona; New Zealand dollar; Singapore dollar; Hong Kong dollar; Norwegian krone; South Korean won
Australian dollarMexican pesoJapanese yen
British pound (sterling)Swiss francIndian rupee
Russian rubleliraChinese yuan
ROUND 2666

Dan & Michaela - I Want to Go There.
Listener-submitted by Katie Raney.

Name a character or the actor who portrayed them that appeared on twenty-four or more episodes of the NBC show 30 Rock.
Dan & MichaelaWesley & KristinMike & ScottNot given
Tina Fey
[Liz Lemon]
Tracy Morgan
[Tracy Jordan]
Alec Baldwin
[Jack Donaghy]
Pete Hornberger/Scott Adsit; Cerie/Katrina Bowden; Jonathan/Maulik Pancholy; Josh Girard/Lonny Ross; "Dr." Leo Spaceman (Andy, it's Spa-CHEM-in.)/Chris Parnell; Susannah "Sue" LaRoche-Van der Hout/Sue Galloway
Jane Krakowski
[Jenna Maroney]
Frank (Rossitano)
[Judah Friedlander]
Jack McBrayer
[Kenneth Parcell]
Mrs. (Colleen) Donaghy
[Elaine Stritch]
"Toofer" (James Spurlock)
[Keith Powell]
(J.D.) Lutz
[John Lutz]
James Marsden
[Crisstopher Rick Chros]
"Grizz" (Warren Griswold)
[Grizz Chapman]
"Dot Com" (Walter Slattery)
[Kevin Brown]
ROUND 38816
TOTAL1826 (24)28
(Archivist's note: Andy erroneously gave Wesley & Kristin's total thus far as 24, and the error propagated through the remainder of the game. The totals in parentheses are those that Wesley & Kristin were credited with at the end of each round. Andy acknowledged the error at the beginning of Episode 56.)

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearWesley & KristinMike & ScottDan & Michaela
was the James Bond film You Only Live Twice first released?1967196619671976
did the first episode of the TV series NCIS first air?2003199520032004
was a movie soundtrack most recently the year-end Billboard No. 1 album?2014200120142013
did a Canadian National Hockey League franchise most recently win the Stanley Cup?1993201319931995
was George Orwell's Animal Farm first published?1945194619451955
was American Henry Kissinger awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?1973197219731965
did The Phantom of the Opera open in London's West End?1986198419841984
did Ghana declare independence from Great Britain? It was one of the first sub-Saharan independent African countries.1957195519552002
TOTAL30 (28)3521

Wesley & Kristin - We've Got a Place Down South.
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

Name a country that maintains an active research station in the Antarctic, and whose capital is located in Europe. Both permanent and seasonal research facilities count for the purposes of this list.
Wesley & KristinMike & ScottDan & MichaelaNot given
United KingdomItalyFranceBelarus; Belgium; Bulgaria; Czech Republic/Czechia; Finland; Ukraine
ROUND 4886
TOTAL38 (36)4327

Mike & Scott - I'm Kind of a Big Deal.
Listener-submitted by Jeff Henderson.

Name a theatrically released film produced by Apatow Productions, Judd Apatow's production company, that was founded in 1999.
Mike & ScottDan & MichaelaWesley & KristinNot given
The 40-Year-Old VirginKnocked UpAnchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby; Walk Hard; Drillbit Taylor; Step Brothers; Pineapple Express; Year One; Get Him to the Greek; Wanderlust; The Five-Year Engagement; Begin Again; Trainwreck; Pee-wee's Big Holiday; Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping; The Big Sick
Forgetting Sarah MarshallI Love You, ManAnchorman 2
Funny PeopleThis Is 40Funny People
ROUND 5866
TOTAL513344 (42)

Dan & Michaela - Twenty Letters to Choose From.

Name a U.S. state whose name does not begin or end with an A E, I, O, U, or Y.
Dan & MichaelaWesley & KristinMike & ScottNot given
TexasMichiganMassachusettsRhode Island
New YorkMarylandWashington
ROUND 6688
TOTAL3952 (50)59

Category: Competitive Riding
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.
The 42nd and most recent Canadian federal election in 2015 elected members from 338 electoral districts, or "ridings," to the House of Commons. What is the total number of ridings contested in all forty-two Canadian federal elections?
Answer and boundsDan & MichaelaWesley & KristinMike & Scott
FINAL SCORE2342 (40)51
Winners: Mike Cameron & Scott Barber

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