Complete the List, Episode 59
I Was Hoping You Were Going to Try Moriarty

Monday, May 7, 2018

Contestants: Courtney Smith, Cory Harris, Sean Cauley
It Was the Summer of '69There's a Unit For That
Nothing but NetYouthful Leaders
Mare NostrumHeroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
Doing Double DutyTwice Upon a Time

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Courtney - It Was the Summer of '69

Between 1969 and 1992, baseball's National League consisted of twelve teams. Name those twelve teams as they were between 1969 and 1992.
CourtneyCorySeanNot given
Boston Red SoxPittsburgh PiratesChicago CubsSan Francisco Giants
St. Louis CardinalsPhiladelphia PhilliesNew York Mets
Cincinnati RedsAtlanta BravesHouston Astros
Los Angeles DodgersMontreal ExposSan Diego Padres
ROUND 16816

Cory - Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
Listener-submitted by Dan Sweatt (slightly modified by Andy).

Name a baseball movie released since 1982 that has grossed at least $20 million in North America.
[Archivist's note: as usual, the list comes from Box Office Mojo, and the box office gross totals are not adjusted for inflation.]
CorySeanCourtneyNot given
Major LeagueField of DreamsThe Sandlot42; Moneyball; The Rookie; The Benchwarmers; Bull Durham; Hardball; Million Dollar Arm; Trouble with the Curve; For Love of the Game; Mr. 3000; Mr. Baseball
Major League IIThe NaturalAngels in the Outfield
Rookie of the YearLittle Big LeagueFever Pitch
Bad News Bears (2005)A League of Their OwnThe Sandlot 2
ROUND 21666

Sean - Nothing but Net
Listener-submitted by Jeff Henderson.

In January 2017, Time magazine published a list of the twenty-five most influential Super Bowl ads of all time. Name a company with an ad featured in this list.
SeanCourtneyCoryNot given
AppleBudweiserCoca-ColaSnickers; Chrysler; Beyoncé; NO MORE; Nike; E*Trade; Always; Noxzema; Old Spice; Volkswagen; Wendy's
ROUND 3846

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearCourtneyCorySean
was the film The French Connection first released?1971195619731971
was KJ Apa, star of the television series Riverdale, born?1997199619961999
was +, Ed Sheeran's debut studio album, first released?2011201320132012
was the first WrestleMania held?1985198419851984
was the Stephenie Meyer novel Breaking Dawn first published?2008200520062009
were the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered?1947194519481937
was the Gemini 5 space mission, where Ed White became the first American to walk in space?1965197819611966
was the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA first announced?1953196519571953

Courtney - Doing Double Duty
Listener-submitted by Dan Sweatt.

Name one of the twenty-two performers that has been inducted twice or more into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
CourtneyCorySeanNot given
Paul McCartneyRingo StarrGoerge HarrisonClyde McPhatter; Jimmy Page; David Crosby; Stephen Stills; Curtis Mayfield; Paul Simon; Johnny Carter; Jeff Beck; Sammy Strain; Graham Nash; Rod Stewart; Ronnie Wood; Lou Reed; Gregg Rolie
John LennonPeter GabrielEric Clapton
Phil CollinsDiana RossDave Grohl
Lionel RichieNeil YoungMichael Jackson
ROUND 4866

Cory - Twice Upon a Time

Name someone who has officially portrayed the Doctor on the BBC television series Doctor Who, also receiving the title "___ Doctor."
CorySeanCourtneyNot given
Peter CapaldiMatt SmithChristopher EcclestonWilliam Hartnell; Patrick Troughton; John Pertwee; Peter Davison; Colin Baker; Sylvester McCoy; Paul McGann
David TennantTom BakerDavid Tennant
HarrisonJodie WhittakerJodie Whittaker
ROUND 5464

Sean - There's a Unit For That
Listener-submitted by Eric Sutherland.

In the International System of Units, there are seven base units: ampere, kelvin, second, meter, kilogram, candela, and mole. Those combine into twenty different derived units. Name them.
SeanCourtneyCoryNot given
newtonnewtonlumenhertz; pascal; joule; coulomb; volt; farad; siemens; weber; tesla; henry; degree Celsius; lux; becquerel; gray; sievert; katal
foot-candlefoot-candledegree Kelvin
ROUND 6425

Category: Long Movies
1939's Gone with the Wind is considered by IMDb to be the longest running Best Picture Oscar winner. According to IMDb, what is the running length, in minutes, of Gone with the Wind? This time includes all musical interludes in the beginning, middle, and end of the film.
Answer and boundsCourtneyCorySean
261 (4:21)
238 (3:58)
215 (3:35)
198 (3:18)197 (3:17)245 (4:05)
FINAL SCORE17½34½67½
Winner: Sean Cauley

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