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Monday, December 10, 2018

Contestants: David Kendall, rowan ward, Brett Chandler
New recordings of all rules statements; the only substantive change is the addition of the definition of "decade" in the halftime round (this definition was previously given to the players off-air).
Canter Chicago, rowan's local affiliate of Canter USA.
I'm in Favor of My Team's ExecutionNine, Eight Central
Better than CanadaI Swear to God
The Vancouver Island TreatPeople Probably Set to Die Soon
Francis Gary PowersSurrender Now or Prepare to Fight

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

David - Better than Canada

Kim Campbell became Prime Minister of Canada on June 25, 1993, becoming Canada's first female head of government. Name a current UN member state who elected a female head of government or head of state prior to June 25, 1993. Note that members of collective heads of state do count for the purposes of this question, and that the country must only currently be a UN member.
DavidrowanBrettNot given
United KingdomIndiaIsraelArgentina; Central African Republic; Dominica; France; Ireland; Lithuania; Malta; Nicaragua; Norway; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; San Marino; Sri Lanka; Switzerland
ROUND 1636

rowan - I Swear to God

Three times on Complete the List, [Andy has] prefaced a category by saying "I swear to God, this is NOT a Hamilton category."

So, this is a musicals category. Specifically, it IS a Hamilton category. Name a song that appears on Act One of the 2015 cast album to the smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Any song that has a reprise only counts once on this list.

rowanBrettDavidNot given
My ShotIt's Quiet UptownThe Room Where It HappensAlexander Hamilton; Aaron Burr, Sir; The Story of Tonight; The Schuyler Sisters; Farmer Refuted; You'll Be Back; Right Hand Man; A Winter's Ball; Helpless; Satisfied; Wait For It; Stay Alive; Ten Duel Commandments; Meet Me Inside; That Would Be Enough; Guns and Ships; History Has Its Eyes on You; Yorktown; What Comes Next; Dear Theodosia; Non-Stop
The IslandThe IslandThe Ballad of King George III
The Anti-Federalist(pass)Isn't George Washington Just a Swell Guy?
A Nightmare About a Duel and a Peanut Butter SandwichAaron Burr SucksLet's Get This Constitutional Party Started!
ROUND 2200

Brett - I'm in Favor of My Team's Execution

This category paraphrases inaugural Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John McKay, whose team lost their first twenty-six games in the National Football League - and when asked about the execution of his offense after a game, he said he would be in favor of it. Name a team that beat the Buccaneers in their inaugural 1976 season; you must give the team's name as it was in 1976.
BrettDavidrowanNot given
St. Louis RamsDallas CowboysMiami DolphinsHouston Oilers; San Diego Chargers; Buffalo Bills; Baltimore Colts; Cincinnati Bengals; Kansas City Chiefs; Denver Broncos; Cleveland Browns; Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers(New York) GiantsNew Orleans Saints
Washington RedskinsDetroit LionsNew York Jets
Oakland Raiders(Chicago) BearsNew England Patriots
ROUND 3406

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearDavidrowanBrett
was the film Die Hard first released?1988198419861988
did The Hallmark Channel begin broadcasting?2001201120012004
did Mariah Carey first release "All I Want for Christmas Is You"?1994199419931995
did the most recent NBA lockout take place?2011200520132012
did Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol celebrate the 100th anniversary of its publication?1943195819551956
did Apollo 8 orbit the Moon?1968196719651968
was the Mr. Potato Head toy first released?1952194819471948
did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?1979197819751979

David - Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight

Name any of the top twenty-five war movies of all time, as ranked per Rotten Tomatoes.
DavidrowanBrettNot given
Apocalypse NowSaving Private RyanThe Longest DayCasablanca; Grand Illusion; The Battle of Algiers; Dunkirk; All Quiet on the Western Front; Army of Shadows; Dr. Strangelove; The Hurt Locker; Lawrence of Arabia; To Be or Not to Be; A Man Escaped; Son of Saul; Henry V (1944, starring Laurence Olivier); Spartacus; The Best Years of Our Lives; Ran; Henry V (1989, starring Kenneth Branagh); Zero Dark Thirty; Shoah; Schindler's List; Eye in the Sky; Paths of Glory
Full Metal JacketDas BootPlatoon
PattonThe Hunt for Red OctoberStalag 17
The Bridge over the River KwaiGood Morning, VietnamM*A*S*H
ROUND 4222

rowan - People Probably Set to Die Soon
Listener-submitted by Courtney Smith.

Name any character, or the actor who portrays them, who has appeared in at least thirty-four episodes of Game of Thrones. For reference, Rory McCann, playing Sandor Cleghane, has appeared in thirty-three episodes and is eighteenth on the list.
rowanBrettDavidNot given
Arya Stark
[Maisie Williams]
Peter Dinklage
[Tyrion Lannister]
Ned Stark
[Sean Bean]
Jon Snow/Kit Harington; Sansa Stark/Sophie Turner; Jorah Mormont/Iain Glen; Theon Greyjoy/Alfie Allen; Samwell Tarly/John Bradley; Varys/Conleth Hill; Brienne of Tarth/Gwendoline Christie; Davos Seaworth/Liam Cunningham; Bran Stark/Isaac Hempstead Wright; Bronn/Jerome Flynn; Missandei/Nathalie Emanuel
Daenerys Targaryen
[Emilia Clarke]
Littlefinger (Petyr Baelish)
[Aidan Gillen]
[Kristian Nairn]
Cersei Lannister
[Lena Headey]
Cersei Lannister
[Lena Headey]
Joffrey (Baratheon)
[Jack Gleeson]
Jamie Lannister
[Nikolaj Coster-Waldau]
Lady (Catelyn) Stark
[Michelle Fairley]
Jamie Lannister
[Nikolaj Coster-Waldau]
ROUND 516101

Brett - Francis Gary Powers

The band U2 has played thousands of live shows. According to, name any of the top fifteen songs played in concert by Bono and company.
BrettDavidrowanNot given
Where the Streets Have No Name(Pride) In the Name of LoveSunday Bloody SundayI Will Follow; With or Without You; New Year's Day; Bullet the Blue Sky; Until the End of the World; Mysterious Ways; Bad; Vertigo
Beautiful DayOneElevation
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForJoshua TreeI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
ROUND 6685

Category: The Spirit of Giving
Listener-submitted by Tristan Bauer.
In 2004, Oprah famously gave away a Pontiac G6 to everyone in her audience - a total of 276 cars. What was the combined sticker price, or cost, of all of those cars?
Answer and boundsDavidBrettrowan
Winner: rowan ward

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