Complete the List, Episode 64
Andy, This May Have Been A Mistake

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Contestants: Cory Anotado, Bob Hagh, Christian Carrion
The players in this episode are the founders of the 24-Hour Game Show Marathon, whose proceeds benefit Child's Play.

The beginning of this episode carried a warning: "Hey, everyone. So I know that there are a few of my listeners that listen to this episode with their children or in their classrooms. And I think I'd recommend that you listen to this episode first on your own, and make the decision yourself whether you're comfortable listening to it publicly. Thanks for listening!" (It is the first episode to be tagged "explicit" in iTunes.)

What's the Formula, Anyway?Which Is Really the Cradle?
This Lab Is Top SecretThere Is No I in Team, but There Is an Emmy
Henry JamesSongs from the 6
Farben and ColoresA Category for the Kids

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Cory - What's the Formula, Anyway?
Listener-submitted by Eric Sutherland.

Name a country in which a Formula One has been held, or is scheduled to be held, in 2018.
CoryBobChristianNot given
MonacoUnited KingdomUnited StatesBahrain; China; Azerbaijan; Spain; Canada; Austria; Hungary; Belgium; Singapore; Russia; Brazil; United Arab Emirates
GermanyAustraliaSouth Africa
ROUND 1864

Bob - A Category for the Kids
Listener-submitted by Hunter York.

Since they were first given out at the 2002 (74th) Academy Awards, there have been a total of twelve different Disney or Pixar films that have won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Name them.
BobChristianCoryNot given
CocoUpFrozenRatatouille; Brave; Big Hero 6; Zootopia
Inside OutTangledWALL-E
Finding NemoToy Story 3Finding Dory
The IncrediblesToy Story 2Monsters Inc.
ROUND 2884

Christian - Songs from the 6

Name a song by Drake, either as a main or featured artist, that charted at No. 10 or higher on the Billboard Hot 100.
ChristianCoryBobNot given
God's PlanHotline BlingGod's Plan: The SequelLead: Best I Ever Had; Forever; Find Your Love; Make Me Proud; Take Care; Hold On, We're Going Home; Summer Sixteen; One Dance; Fake Love; Passionfruit; Portland; Diplomatic Immunity
Featured: Right Above It (Lil Wayne); What's My Name? (Rihanna); She Will (Lil Wayne); I'm on One (DJ Khaled); Fuckin' Problems (ASAP Rocky); Love Me (Lil Wayne); Look Alive (BlocBoy JB); Walk It Talk It (Migos)
Nice for WhatNice for WhatNice for What
Work (by Rihanna)JumpmanLove This
Back to BackStarted from the BottomMambo No. 5
ROUND 3651

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearCoryBobChristian
was the movie Quiz Show first released?1994199419921994
was Pat Sajak born?1946195419451945
did Wink Martindale have a hit song with his recording of "Deck of Cards"?1959196219681959
did Michael Strahan play in his final National Football League game?2008201220072009
was the novel The Running Man first published?1982197419771978
was the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco completed?1972198619951965
did famous game show host Monty Hall die?2017201720172018
did Caesars Palace open in Las Vegas? It served as the taping location for the game show Caesars Challenge.1966195819631965

Cory - There Is No I in Team, but There Is an Emmy
Listener-submitted by Adam Holquist.

Through 2017, there have been eighteen television series that have won twenty or more Primetime Emmy Awards. Name them.
CoryBobChristianNot given
Game of ThronesSaturday Night LiveThe SimpsonsFrasier; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Cheers; The Carol Burnett Show; Hill Street Blues; The Daily Show; American Masters; All in the Family; Boardwalk Empire; 24; NYPD Blue
Breaking BadThe West WingLaw & Order
Modern FamilyThe SopranosCurb Your Enthusiasm
ERFriendsThe Cosby Show
ROUND 46122

Bob - This Lab Is Top Secret
Listener-submitted by Lisa Wolfisch.

In 2017, sixteen companies spent at least $5.36 billion in R&D (research and development). Ten were tech companies, six were not. Name them.
BobChristianCoryNot given
AppleMicrosoftTeslaJohnson & Johnson; Merck; Ford; Facebook; Pfizer; General Motors; Oracle; Celgene; IBM
ROUND 5828

Christian - Which Is Really the Cradle?

Name a President of the United States who was born in either Virginia or Ohio. No President has been born in either state since the 29th.
ChristianCoryBobNot given
James MadisonAbraham LincolnGeorge WashingtonWilliam Henry Harrison; Zachary Taylor; Benjamin Harrison; Woodrow Wilson; William Howard Taft; Warren G. Harding
James K. PolkThomas Jefferson(James) Buchanan
James MonroeRutherford Hayes(John) Tyler
Ulysses S. GrantJames A. GarfieldBarack Obama
William McKinley
ROUND 6666

Category: U.S. History
Idaho and Wyoming were both admitted to the Union in the same year. What anniversary of that event will they both be celebrating in 2018?
Answer and boundsChristianCoryBob
Winner: Cory Anotado
By the archivist's count, there were twenty-nine distinct bleeps in this episode... which is twenty-eight more than in the entire previous history of the podcast.

Andy promised to donate 50¢ for each point scored by the players in this game. The aggregate score of 149½ thus yielded a donation of $74.75, which Andy rounded up to $75.

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