Complete the List, Episode 80
List. Complete The List.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Contestants: Tom Minard, Addy Lewis, Brent Bollmeier
First "themed" episode - the theme here being James Bond.
Written by Andre Cormier, with the exception of the Round 4 category, which was written by Andy.
At the end, Brent plugged his podcast, Sports Trivia Face-Off, which was seconded by Addy.
Bond. James Bond.His Better Half
Dropping the HammerQuality Matters, M'Dear
I'll Huff and I'll PuffNo Odd Jobs Allowed
GlobetrotterBehind the Camera

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Tom - Bond. James Bond.

Not counting stuntman Bob Simmons, who was the Bond who shot the gun in the opening gun barrel sequence in the first few Eon Bond films, twelve performers have portrayed Ian Flaming's James Bond in the media - that being film, television, or radio. Name them. (There is generally one Bond per film.)
TomAddyBrentNot given
Sean ConneryGeorge LazenbyPierce BrosnanBarry Nelson; Bob Holness; Michael Jayston; Christopher Cazenove
Roger MooreTimothy DaltonDaniel Craig
David NivenDavid NivenDavid Niven
Toby StephensToby StephensToby Stephens
ROUND 1866

Addy - No Odd Jobs Allowed

Name any of the twelve options available in the milti-player map screen for the original Nintendo 64 release of GoldenEye.
AddyBrentTomNot given
templetemplelibrarycomplex, caves; basement; stack; bunker; archives; Egyptian; random
cavernmilitary basesatellite
ROUND 2612

Brent - Globetrotter

Name a UN member state that is not a member of the G20 or European Union where James Bond's missions in the Eon Productions films have taken him.
BrentTomAddyNot given
AfghanistanKazakhstanBoliviaSerbia; Switzerland; The Bahamas; Norway; Lebanon; Thailand; Morocco; Pakistan; Albania; Iceland; Uganda; Montenegro; Azerbaijan; North Korea
ROUND 3668

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearTomAddyBrent
was the novel Casino Royale first published?1953195319541945
was the Charles K. Feldman film Casino Royale, produced by Columbia Pictures, first released?1967196719671967
was the Eon Productions film Casino Royale first released?2006200620062008
was the Eon Productions film Moonraker first released?1979197919781984
was the Eon Productions film Tomorrow Never Dies first released?1997199719971996
was the Eon Productions film Spectre first released?2015201520152014
was the Warner Bros. film Never Say Never Again first released?1983198319831979
was Ian Fleming born?1908190819181923
Eighth perfect halftime round, and second to be doubled.

Tom - Behind the Camera

When the 25th Eon Productions James Bond film is released in 2019, the series will have had twelve different directors. Name those directors.
TomAddyBrentNot given
Sam Mendes(Guy) HamiltonCubby BroccoliPeter R. Hunt; Martin Campbell; Roger Spottiswoode; Michael Apted; Marc Forster
Danny BoyleLewis GilbertDanny Boyle
John GlenLee TamahoriLee Tamahori
Terence YoungHustonTerence Young
ROUND 4863
This game was recorded and released before Danny Boyle resigned from the role of director of "Bond 25" on August 21, 2018.

Addy - Dropping the Hammer

There are seventeen distinct car makes driven by James Bond over the course of the Eon Productions film series, including one he drives remotely. Name them.
AddyBrentTomNot given
Aston MartinBMWLotusAlfa Romeo; AMC; AutoVAZ; Chevrolet; Lincoln; MG; Jeep; Land Rover; Range Rover
ROUND 54126
Andy informed me on 2018-07-20 that Addy's response of "Renault" should have been ruled correct, as James Bond commandeered a Renault 11 taxi in A View to a Kill. The outcome of the game was unaffected. Andy acknowledged the error at the start of Episode 81.

Brent - Quality Matters, M'Dear

Twelve performers have played M, Q, or Moneypenny in the Eon Productions James Bond film series. Name them.
BrentTomAddyNot given
Judi DenchNaomie HarrisSamantha BondRobert Brown; Peter Burton; Caroline Bliss
HarrisonDesmond LlewelynBen Whishaw
Lois MaxwellRalph FiennesJohn Cleese
SmithBernard LeeChiles
ROUND 6486

Category: At the Box Office
According to Box Office Mojo, Skyfall is the highest grossing Eon Productions film in the James Bond film series, grossing $304,360,277 domestically, not adjusted for inflation. Dr. No is the lowest grossing Eon Productions film in the series, grossing $16,067,035 domestically, not adjusted for inflation. What is the total United States domestic gross of all twenty-four films in the Eon Productions James Bond film series?
Answer and boundsBrentAddyTom
Winner: Addy Lewis

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