Complete the List, Episode 81
My Brain Has Just Frozen

Monday, July 23, 2018

Contestants: Jamie Logan, Pasha Paterson, Courtney Smith
Courtney's plugs: the Hit Parade podcast (hosted by Slate), and Trivial Warfare.
Thanks for Coming, Here Are Your Parting GiftsThat's a Lot of Sales
That's a Lot of BreadsticksChart Domination
U.S. "C"itiesThe Fifth of Fourth
Better than EzraCategory: Not Impossible

Correct, unique: 2 pointsCorrect, repeated: 1 pointIncorrect: 0 pointsPlayer doubled the category

Jamie - Chart Domination

Name a musical act who, since 1980, has had five different Top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 from a single album.
JamiePashaCourtneyNot given
Bruce SpringsteenMaroon 5Michael JacksonDrake; Katy Perry; Lionel Richie; Genesis; Madonna; Huey Lewis & the News; Paula Abdul; Bobby Brown; New Kids on the Block; Bon Jovi; Milli Vanilli; Usher; Fergie; The Black-Eyed Peas; Taylor Swift
Billy JoelThe BanglesGeorge Michael
Lady GagaWhitney HoustonAdele
Backstreet BoysNSYNCJanet Jackson
ROUND 1226

Pasha - U.S. "C"ities

There are twenty-one Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States whose name begins with the letter C, and whose estimated population as per the U.S. Census Bureau was greater than 200,000 people as of July 1, 2017. Name the main population center of these Metropolitan Statistical Areas and their main state. (Both city and state are required.)
PashaCourtneyJamieNot given
Cincinnati, OHCleveland, OHChicago, ILColumbia, SC; Cape Coral, FL; Chattanooga, TN; Corpus Christi, TX; Canton, OH; Columbus, GA; Clarksville, TN; Crestview, FL; Cedar Rapids, IA; College Station, TX; Champaign, IL; Charlottesville, VA; Chico, GA; Charleston, WV
Charleston, SCCharlotte, NCCarson City, NV
Colorado Springs, COColumbus, OHColumbus, OH
Camden, NJCamden, NJConcord, NH
ROUND 2663

Courtney - Thanks for Coming, Here Are Your Parting Gifts
Listener-submitted by Matt Carberry.

Name a country who failed to advance out of the group stage at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
CourtneyJamiePashaNot given
GermanyArgentinaTunisiaSaudi Arabia; Egypt; Iran; Morocco; Peru; Nigeria; Serbia; Costa Rica; South Korea; Senegal; Poland
IcelandSouth AfricaIceland
ROUND 31624

0-1 year away: 1 point2-5 years away: ½ point>5 years away: 0 points

IN WHAT YEAR…Correct yearJamiePashaCourtney
was the Best Picture Oscar-winning Chicago first released?2002200319752006
did the first episode of the original version of the television series Knight Rider first air?1982198219831984
was The Rolling Stones' album Exile on Main Street first released?1972196919651972
are the Summer Olympics scheduled to be held in Paris, France?2024202020242024
was Alexandra Bracken's book The Darkest Minds first released?2012197520151965
was the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ratified, setting term limits on the U.S. Presidency?1951194719491952
did the Oklahoma City bombing take place, the worst domestic terrorist event in U.S. history?1995199519931995
was Warren Burger appointed Chief Justice of the United States?1969195519551945

Jamie - That's a Lot of Breadsticks
Listener-submitted by Adam Holquist.

According to the trade journal Nation's Restaurant News, The Olive Garden ranks No. 15 on their list of top U.S. restaurant chains, with $3.9 billion in annual sales. Name a restaurant chain that ranks higher by annual sales volume.
JamiePashaCourtneyNot given
Applebee'sPanera BreadChili'sStarbucks; Wendy's; Dunkin' Donuts; Chick-fil-A; Domino's; Sonic; KFC
Texas RoadhouseMcDonald'sLogan's
SubwayHardee's/Carl's Jr.Taco Bell
Burger KingPizza HutPapa John's
ROUND 46122

Pasha - Category: Not Impossible

Name a movie not part of the Mission: Impossible series in which Tom Cruise was credited and that grossed at least $125 million domestically adjusted for inflation, as per Box Office Mojo. Cameo roles or bit parts do not count.
PashaCourtneyJamieNot given
Top GunMagnoliaRain ManThe Firm; War of the Worlds; Interview with the Vampire; Days of Thunder; The Last Samurai; Vanilla Sky; Born on the Fourth of July; Collateral; Far and Away; The Color of Money
Minority ReportMinority ReportRisky Business
All the President's MenA Few Good MenOcean's Eleven
CocktailJerry MaguireJerry Maguire
ROUND 5655

Courtney - The Fifth of Fourth

Name someone who has appeared in at least twelve episodes of Arrested Development. You may name the character or the actor who played them. (In terms of episode count, for Season 4, count the original cut, not the remade cut that came out this year, and Season 5's first episodes that have been released on Netflix also count.)
CourtneyJamiePashaNot given
Jason Bateman
[Michael Bluth]
Michael Cera
[George Michael Bluth]
Jason Bateman
[Michael Bluth]
Tony Hale/Buster Bluth; George Bluth, Sr./Jeffrey Tambor; Narrator/Ron Howard; Barry Zuckerkorn/Henry Winkler; John Beard (plays himself); Ann Paul Veal/Mae Whitman; Steve Holt/Justin Grant Wade; Rebel Alley/Isla Fisher; Kitty Sanchez/Judy Greer; Lupe/BW Gonzalez; Annyong Bluth/Justin Lee
Lucille Bluth
[Jessica Walter]
Will Arnett
[Gob Bluth]
Will Arnett
[Gob Bluth]
Portia de Rossi
[Lindsay Bluth Fünke]
David Cross
[Tobias Fünke]
David Cross
[Tobias Fünke]
Maeby (Fünke)
[Alia Shawkat]
Lucille Austero
[Liza Minnelli]
Lucille Austero
[Liza Minnelli]
ROUND 6884

Category: This Is a Hamilton Category
Hamilton is nearing its third birthday on Broadway. As of July 8, 2018, how many performances has Hamilton had on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre?
Answer and boundsJamiePashaCourtney
Winner: Courtney Smith

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