Complete the List: the unplayed categories

As Andy states in the rules explanation at the top of each episode, only six of the eight categories will get played, and two will be saved for a future episode. Here's a list of all the categories that have been offered for selection at least once on Complete the List, but have not yet been chosen. Throughout this page, Season 1 episodes are denoted by a single number; episodes from subsequent seasons are denoted "season:episode".

Current as of Season 4, Episode 1 (October 17, 2020).

CategoryLast appeared"Hoffa count"
Nearing The End Of Its Lifespan4:10
Matching 34:10
Yes, The World Capitals Sporcle Is Popular3:101
Welcome to Giraffe Facts3:74

A category's "Hoffa count" is the number of episodes an unplayed category could have subsequently appeared in following its last appearance. It accounts for the fact that a category that has only appeared in two-player games may have fewer than twelve items in its list, and would thus be ineligible for a three-player game. (Such categories are denoted in italics in the above table; there presently are none.) To preserve the integrity of the game and of those unplayed categories, Andy cannot disclose to me the number of items in any such list, and I do not ask him. The actual "Hoffa List" consists of all categories whose count is ten or higher, as well as the eight categories revealed by Andy ("confirmed dead," so to speak) in Season 3, Episode 11.

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